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Manufacturing textile products and different types of batting.

Embossing and calendering of fabrics

By means of engraved cylinders, with temperature and pressure, we managed to engrave (to stamp in relief without colour) more than 50 designs: geometrical, flowery, animals, sheen, waxing effect, etc., for different sectors like upholstery, lingerie, automobile industry, decoration, household textile, shoemaking, etc., in any type of fabric. Custom-made designs are available. audi

Stitch or ultrasonic quilts

Ultrasonic quilts: All types of quilts without thread, a variety of designs and sizes (square or diamond shaped, straight, and the like). This finish is a technique developed to quilt by means of ultrasonic fusion that enables numerous specific applications for different technical fields: childcare, footwear industry, leather goods industry, lining, etc. We have also created an application to add flexible PVC in order to quilt and plasticize at the same time. audio

Stitch quilts: One-piece quilts for textile and industrial use. More than 1,000 designs. Up to 1,70m width and, depending on the drawing, up to 2,20m. Applications: garment industry, lining, household textiles, upholstery, leather goods industry, etc. This is the traditional lifelong quilt.

Batting sale

Soft, compact, Nordic, fireproof batting and more, in any type of weight and width: manufactured with Polyester fiber 100% recyclable, bound together with thermo fusion (not resin). Types of matters: fibers can be solid, hollow, with silicone, punched, fireproof M1(Spanish rule), British standard. Different finishes for a wide variety of applications. Weight as from 60g to 600 g/m2. Presentation in rolls. Applications: garment industry, household textiles, upholstery, childcare, filtering, thermal insulation, sanitary insulation, etc. It was developed for different technical fields: childcare, garment industry, filters, sanitary facilities, lining, etc.

Pleating and Crumpling

One-piece pleating, skirts and bits for all types of garment. Straight, fantasy, soleil, etc. One-piece crumpling and crumpled garment as well. Long and worn-out crumpling (strapichato).


Sticking and folding all types of articles to one another or in combinations.